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Who We Are

The manufacturing facilities of the Corporation are situated at one of the fast rising industrial centers of the country, the LAGUNA INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL PARK (LIIP). The plant prides itself with a current manufacturing area of 7,000 square meters.

Diamond Roofing & Metal Systems Corporation (DRMSC) was established on February 1997 thru the joint efforts of Filipino & Chinese entrepreneurs utilizing Taiwanese technical expertise in the manufacture of rollforming and related machines. We provide a state of the art rollforming facility, which can deliver total product quality satisfaction, together with on time delivery commitment. DRMSC is recognized as one of the top leaders and trendsetters in the industry as it continues to develop new products with its Taiwanese partners.

A very dynamic young & creative core group is tasked to run the production & marketing operations of the company. The group continues to develop new ideas and innovations to answer the needs of its customers.

The company's policies & directions are promulgated by a Board of Directors with members who have distinguished themselves in their respective lines of endeavor with integrity, probity, & fairness.

Our Teams

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